How To Find Truck Driver Jobs

Because demand for good drivers is so high, you shouldn't have much trouble finding truck driver jobs, assuming you have a good record and meet the requirements. But you don't want just any job - you want the right one! Here's how to find the right trucking job for you:

Outline your goals. Currently, there are more trucking opportunities than drivers, so you will likely get to pick from a variety of jobs. Sit down with a pencil and jot down a quick list of what you need in a job - pay, hours, benefits, and location. Then, when you pull up that online page of truck driver jobs, you can quickly narrow it down into a more manageable group.

Use online search engines. The web offers a great variety of trucking-specific online search engines. Just plug in your training level and preferred location and you will get an extensive list of job postings. Narrow your choices by reviewing your career goals and crossing off any jobs that won't help you meet them.

Take advantage of training schools. Earning your certification with an accredited CDL training program is one of the best ways to find truck driver jobs, since many trucking companies look there for new recruits. If you earned your CDL quite some time ago, consider taking refresher courses or training for a different kind of truck, so that you can increase your skill set and get on the school recruiter list.

Connect with fellow truckers. Because truck driving can be lonely at times, make a point to reach out to fellow truckers. Many truckers develop their own community on the road, to help each other out and provide social support. If you're looking for a new job, talk with others in the trucking community - someone might know of a great opportunity.

Last Updated: 04/25/2014

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